About CLI

The Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing diversity in the legal profession by actively educating and supporting private and public sector legal organizations in their own individual campaigns to create cultures of inclusion. CLI's innovative programs and initiatives are national models.

CLI has been at the forefront of innovation since it was formed in 2007. The Denver-based organization, formerly known as the "Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence," is helping law firms, corporate law departments and government legal offices take their diversity efforts to the next level. CLI provides valuable inclusiveness tools and resources to help legal employers retain and advance diverse and female attorneys.

CLI's vision for transforming the legal profession:

  1. Innovative Solutions: CLI's groundbreaking, six-step online Inclusiveness Manual Beyond Diversity: Inclusiveness in the Legal Workplace provides the key solution for legal organizations seeking sustainable diversity.
  2. Outstanding Educational Opportunities: CLI's annual Legal Inclusiveness & Diversity Summit, CLEs, and additional training and consulting for legal professionals of all levels to learn how to implement inclusiveness principles.  
  3. Community-wide Effort: CLI is a tremendous catalyst of energy and enthusiasm in the legal community and has developed powerful models such as the Inclusiveness Network to bring law firms, law departments, and government law offices together to work cooperatively and support each other's efforts to implement CLI's inclusiveness program.


Join us in transforming the legal profession to one of inclusion - where attorneys of all backgrounds succeed. Become a member/sponsor or subscribe to CLI's Inclusiveness Manual website www.legalinclusiveness.org.

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